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Sheesham Wood Handmade Coasters with Wooden Stand

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  • Beautiful Sheesham Wood Handmade Coasters with Wooden Stand.
  • It is a set of 6 coasters. 

  • These gorgeous natural wood coasters make for special & thoughtful gifts for any occasion, Wedding gifts, Anniversary gifts, Family gifts, Birthday gifts, Mothers day, Fathers day etc.
  • Make your table unique and colorful with these Rosewood/Sheesham wood coasters.
  • The coasters are very light and they are perfect, safe and practical to protect the desk, the lunch table, the nightstand or any other delicate surface.
  • INSTRUCTIONS AND MAINTENANCE : you can clean the coasters with a cloth moistened with water | the condensation created by the heat may slightly opacify the protective enamel without damaging the design.