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Handcrafted Maple Wood Crochet Hooks (Set of 6 Hooks, 4mm - 9mm) with a Beautiful Handmade Pinewood Box

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  • These crochet hooks are made with love by artisans from India. Each piece is made with love and utmost care and then sizes are laser engraved on the hooks to make sure you always know which one to pick and use.
  • It is a set of 6 hooks. The sizes are 4 mm - 9 mm.
  • Each piece is made using Maple Wood.
  • These hooks are guaranteed 100% snag free and 100% maintenance free. They will help ease hand pain letting you crochet longer and can also improve stitches.
  • The grain patterns of each hook varies in design and color and therefore may differ from the pictures shown.
  • These crochet hooks are a beautiful piece of art that are finished by hand to the highest standards.