For the Love of Tradition

  • Indian Rosewood Hand Carved Foldable Walking Stick with Heavy Brass Handle. It can be folded into three pieces and be carried anywhere.

    Wooden Walking Sticks

    Hand Carved & Handmade with affection, these beautiful walking sticks make walking effortless and easy again. Buy it for yourself or gift it to a known, these canes will be loved.

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  • The Sheesham Wood Crochet Hooks come in a set of seven and are accompanied by a Pine Wood Laser Engraved Storage Box

    Wooden Crochet Hooks

    Definitely loved by all Crochet Lovers, be it young or be it old. A perfect addition to your already existing collection. Even more perfect for beginners. These hooks and bowls will be your friend for life.

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  • Mixed Wood Dry Fruit / Herbs / Spices Storage Box with Glass top and customized tops

    Dry Fruit / Spices Storage Boxes

    Bring back elegance in your house with our wooden handcrafted condiment boxes. To make them even more special, get them customized and add your personal touch to everything you own.

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  • Tea Light Candle Holders Triangle Shaped Set of 3 Holders with Tea Light Candle Included.

    Tea Light Candle Holders

    One Would Definitely want to use these Nifty Multicolored Tea Light Candle Holders to brighten up the décor of your home or office. Multiple shapes, sizes and colors are available. Jump in to Look.

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Hand carved customized products. One can change the dimensions, hand carving, colour or even wood type.

Need Product Customization?

GET IT HERE! We at Anayra's customize products as per your requirements. From the type of wood to the size of the product, from the design that we paint to the name that we carve, YOU ARE THE BOSS! Design your products and see them come to life at Anayra's.

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